6 Reasons Why Yoga is Good For Your Skin

Does your body need to be detox and relaxed? Then maybe yoga could be your answer. For years, yoga has only been viewed  as a holistic approach to a healthy mind and body, it actually does more than you think. Yoga has many benefits like relaxing the mind and body. But did you know it can also improve  your beauty routine?!

Although it will not treat specific skin problems, it will help to achieve a happy, healthy glow because yoga helps with detoxification, relax the skin for product synergy and 

Below are 6 beauty benefits that you can achieve by doing yoga:

1. Glowy Skin 

Many asanas postures increase the blood flow in the face and upper limbs. 
Enhanced blood circulation gives your skin a rosy glowyness to your skin.


2. Heals damaged skin cells

Pranayama is an effective routines that help to relieve stress. Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force Breathing exercises enhances the body healing by increasing the amount  of oxygen entering into the body, this  helps regenerate skin cells