Normal skin is well-balanced - not too dry or too oily. Those with normal skin are not typically prone to breakouts or flakiness and tend to have a balanced t-zone.

Combination skin has areas that are both dry and oily. For example, skin is typically shiny on the forehead, nose and chin, while appearing dry or normal on the cheeks.

Oily Skin Refers To Skin That Has Excess Oil, Most Commonly Throughout The T-Zone Of The Face (Forehead, Nose, And Chin.) Oily Skin Tends To Look Shiny, Feel Greasy, And Is Often Prone To Blemishes And Breakouts.

Dry skin is generally rough, scaly, flaky, itchy or irritated with an overall dehydrated look and feel.

Sensitive skin varies widely from person to person but is often characterized by visible redness and dryness. Sensitive skin may not always show visible signs and may simply have feelings of discomfort.

Poly skin varies From person And Seasons. your skin can range from oily in one area and dry in another area.  You Have Multiple skin type in different parts of your skin. choosing  Products from both skin types Will Give You the Best Skin Routine.